Bryony Poulter

This week we talk to Bryony Poulter, the owner of Kiddiwinks and an avid AFOL. Bryony takes us back more than 40 years in LEGO history and how she grew up with a few special sets around the house.

Kiddiwinks started as a home business after Bryony couldn’t get hold of a LEGO train set she was desperately looking for for her eldest son, Matthew, who at the time was 5. After no success with local toy shops, she made a proposal to LEGO South Africa, and they became the first home-based retailer of the beloved bricks.  From humble beginnings in 2002 and leading the way with an online shop in 2004, Kiddiwinks grew from strength to strength, becoming one of the most beloved suppliers of LEGO in South Africa. 

Bryony also delves into her passion behind collecting LEGO. As it stands, the Poulter family has one of the biggest private LEGO collections in South Africa. Her fascination with minifigs drove the collection in the start, and soon expanded to include other themes.

Join us on this fascinating history behind Kiddiwinks and how it all came about.




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