The magic doesn’t take care of itself! It takes dedicated talent to bring this vision to life. Let’s give credit where credit’s due!

Peter Furstenberg

Producer / Filming / Editor

Peter has been an AFOL for nearly 20 years, collecting many sets over that period. With a newly found passion for modular MOCs, Peter now focusses most of his attention on this.

Peter has a background as a multimedia designer and has worked in the television, multimedia and game development industry. Peter is the mastermind behind BlockBlaze, producing, shooting and editing this YouTube Series.

Wes Meyer

Sound Design / Final Mix

Wes Meyer is a multi-award-winning, 15-year veteran of sound and music, with a keen ear for knowing when to drop a beat and when to drop the mic. Clients, young and old, value his intuition, extensive experience and easy-going personality, while every session benefits from his chart-topping ability to balance EQ with IQ, and a touch of magic.