About BlockBlaze

So what exactly is BlockBlaze?

So you love LEGO®? So do we! In fact, we love it so much we decided to create a YouTube community around the South African Adult fans of LEGO®.

Our aim is to promote the amazing stories our local AFOL community have to share – How they got into LEGO®, what their favourite things about the blocks, and facts, tips and tricks they may have to share with the community.

How do I appear in an episode?

Glad you asked!

  • Do you stay around Gauteng? Then the recording is on us! That’s right, we’ll do it free! BlockBlaze is a project of passion and we’re passionate about promoting the AFOL community.
  • Staying a little further away? We’d be happy to come to visit, but transport and accommodation will be on you. It might be better if we coordinate a tour down to your region and have a number of AFOLs interviewed all at once.
  • Send us a message! We’ll get in contact and arrange a date to come to visit you and your amazing LEGO®.
  • How long will it take? Each episode takes between 60-90 minutes to film.
  • What do we do? We would like to do the interview in your LEGO® building room. After that, we shoot some B-roll footage of what you spoke about. This will either be an overview of your collection or the amazing MOCs you’re building.
  • What should you do? It helps being prepared.
    • Once we secured a recording date, think about what you want to talk about and share with the AFOL community.
    • Highlight two to three MOCs you want us to focus on, or choose some of your favourite sets you want to show off.
    • We will most certainly talk about how you got into LEGO® and how you got re-acquainted with the bricks in your adult life.
    • Got any interesting facts? Let us hear it!
    • We’d also love to share your tips and tricks with the community.
    • Lastly, offer coffee 🙂 We love coffee.


If you’re an AFOL and would like to get involved in updating the site with content on an ongoing basis, please contact us. The more quality content we can add to the site, the more valuable this site will become to the community.


Let us know if you have an upcoming LEGO® event. We’d love to come check it out and feature it on our YouTube channel.


At this stage, BlockBlaze is a work of passion and as far as possible, we offer this service to the AFOL community at no cost. That being said, it does cost money to produce the show – especially to the high standards we demand, and especially when travel is involved.

If you’d like to donate to this project, or you would like to appear as a sponsor on one of the episodes, we’d love to hear from you!

Note: Only sponsorships directly relating to LEGO® will be considered in episodes.