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Tomas du Preez

Every now and then we cross paths with youngsters, quite passionate about LEGO. Tomas du Preez is one of these talented youngsters heading for a very creative future in MOC building and film making.

Suzette Coetzer

This week we celebrate our 30th episode of BlockBlaze! We welcome Suzette Coetzer to share her LEGO story and tell us more about LEGO Harry Potter, a theme really close to her heart.

Spirit of the Bo-Kaap

Spirit of the Bo-Kaap

This model celebrates one of Cape Town’s most iconic regions, the Bo-Kaap, characterised by its colourful houses around the district. The model contains an artist’s impression of 5 iconic houses in Wale Street, a block away from the Bo-Kaap Museum.

Welcome to BlockBlaze, a YouTube series dedicated to the incredible LEGO® AFOL community around South Africa. We’re talking to Adult Fans of LEGO® from all over about their passion for LEGO®, what got them into the hobby and what their favourite themes are.

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