Cerry-Lee Chelin

This week, we visit Cerry-Lee, where she shares some of the themes aimed at girls. We look at a brief history of themes as well as current themes aimed at the female market.

Before 2012, despite girls playing with LEGO, very few themes were aimed at that particular market. Only around 10% of the sets initially reached the market.  Because of this, the perception was that LEGO was for boys. 

After some market research, LEGO introduced Friends, a theme that was based in the town of Heartlake City, where 5 friends, Andrea, Emma, Mia, Olivia and Stephanie, share their adventure.  This was also the introduction of the mini-doll figure, a much more detailed minifig with detailed features. LEGO also introduced pink and purple colours in the LEGO colour range.  Friends replaced LEGO’s previous theme “Belville” (1994–2009) aimed at girls.

This is not the first time LEGO attempted sets for girls. Several attempts were made in the past with various themes. LEGO themes included “Homemaker” (1971-1982),  “Paradisa” (1991–1997) and “Scala” (1997–2001) and all had varying degrees of success.

Cerry shares some of her favourite sets with us as she takes us through a little bit of the history of Friends.

With Woman’s month behind us, we still pay tribute to woman all over. Enjoy this episode!


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