Frans Labuschagne

This week we visited Frans Labuschagne. Frans has a passion for GBC (Great Ball Machine) modules as well as the Lord of the Rings theme.

Frans’s passion for LEGO began around 15 years ago when he started buying Star Wars sets for his kids. After they stopped playing with it, he ended up in a dark age for nearly ten years before he met his partner, Suzette Coetzer. In fact, we’ll be talking to her next week.

After reclaiming the kid’s LEGO for himself, he quickly began purchasing Technic sets. The fascination with engineering and how things work, drove Frans to investigate more of the technical components available in the LEGO Technic range. The GBC bug bit, and he’s built quite a number of them to date. His favourites are the Multipath module by Matt from the Great Ball Pit on YouTube. He managed to replicate the module without instructions. That soon led to building a second Catch and Spin module by Akiyuki.

Besides the GBC and Technic, Frans is also interested in Lord of the Rings. Between the two of them, they managed to collect most of the themed sets. The draw to LotR is mainly the fantasy and immersive world behind it.

A huge thank you to Frans for taking the time to share his passion with us.


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