LEGO Certified Store Opening – Menlyn Park

Excitement erupted at Menlyn Park Shopping Centre this weekend as we’re celebrating the opening of the new Certified LEGO Store. Fans all over South Africa came together for this exciting event to be the first to experience the new shop, only the second Certified Store to open on the African continent.

Queues started early, with some fans spending the night to be first in line, while the rest began waiting in the early morning hours. As excitement grows, so too new friendships are forged between strangers, and that all over the bricks we all love.

Rob Greenstein takes us through the store, telling us about the 80 new sets available on the shelves, including all the official launches LEGO has in store on their traditional June the 1st launch date. Fans get to get their hands on the fantastic new Apollo 11 lunar lander as well as the much-anticipated Stranger Things “The Upside Down” set.

Celebrate with us and enjoy this special edition episode of BlockBlaze!


Great Yellow Brick


The Brothers Brick

Pixel Dan