Marick Hornsveld

This week we meet Marick Hornsveld, an avid AFOL from Somerset West. She shares her earliest memories as a kid building LEGO with friends in the winter holidays on the carpet in the living room floor.

As an adult, she got reacquainted with the bricks through the Wall-E LEGO ideas set and immediately fell in love with it.  Initially, her interest started with Technique but soon grew to include all sorts of sets. The journey to MOC building began with a couple of mods she made to the VW Minibus and from there grew into more fun builds, including an Asterix and Obelix brickheadz creation she’s really proud of. Other amazing mocs she’s showing off includes a space orrery and a vignette from the Wizard of Oz.

Finally, Marick wraps up by talking about how the CapeLUG came about and how she started the whole movement down in the Western Cape. 


Asterix and Obelix

Boar from scene by Versteinert

LEGO Forma

JK Brickworks


Recognised LEGO® User Groups (South Africa)