Sean Coetzer

This week we feature Sean Coetzer’s LEGO story and look at some of his inspired Steampunk creations.

Sean eye only caught LEGO after the age of 40, when he spotted the Monster Fighters LEGO theme back in 2012.  Having a bit of a dark side, it immediately appealed to him. A trip to Brickfair further inspired him to start building his own creations. He made several large displays around the Monster Fighter theme, with each exhibit being more substantial than the last. Sean incorporates several multimedia elements into his shows and makes good use of sound, video and interactive features in the displays to really bring them to life.

The Steampunk theme has always appealed to Sean. After the Monster Fighter theme ran its course, he needed a new challenge and ordered a substantial amount of random blocks off BrickLink. He packed his suitcase for a creative sabbatical at his parent’s place, away from distraction and then went to work, letting his mind go.  He came up with 8 or 9 initial Steampunk designs, which he exhibited for the first time in an upcoming show.  The reaction was overwhelming! 

Sean then realised he was on to something. He quickly turned the models into a brand and so Steamwerks was born. He created some packaging and instructions and displayed these at the next zaLUG exhibition, promptly fooling a few members into believing that this is a new undiscovered LEGO Theme. For more information and instructions, visit

This year, Sean has created a whole new range of Steampunk creations, so don’t miss his exhibition at the upcoming LEGO Clearwater Mall Exhibition, 24-25 August 2019.