Suzette Coetzer

This week we celebrate our 30th episode of BlockBlaze! We welcome Suzette Coetzer to share her LEGO story and tell us more about LEGO Harry Potter, a theme really close to her heart.

Unlike most AFOLs, Suzette’s passion for LEGO only started as an adult. Frans (We met him last week) one day brought home a big crate of old LEGO to sort through. After separating and building a few sets, the bug bit.

Suzette has a big passion for fantasy, and one of her biggest interests is Harry Potter. It’s always been amazing to her how LEGO would take scenes from well-known movies and bring them to life as a LEGO play adventure.  When she saw the original Hogwarts express, she simply had to have it. Frans surprised her one birthday with the set, which was still sealed. 

Another set Suzette really loves is Diagon Alley. It’s a magical world where wizards meet to stock up and replenish all their supplies. She’s particularly fond of all the stories and easter eggs to be found. Suzette was quite lucky to get hold of the set, as it’s quite a scarce find. She managed to track down a second hand in excellent condition on Facebook.

The Hogwarts castle especially fascinates her, as there are so many hidden stories and surprises hidden in every nook and cranny of the build.

Thank you for sharing a little insight into the Witches and Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

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