The Great Ball Contraption

This week we’re showcasing the incredible Great Ball Contraption (GBC) the zaLUG team built and assembled at this past weekend’s zaLUG display event 2019. Willi and the team take us through the course, emphasizing on some highlights as they go. 

Two modules immediately stand out as highlights. The first is a spinning robots module, designed by the GBC master, Akiyuki, and brought to life by Frans Labuschagne.  Second, Eben Esterhuizen’s Factory Tower module, a stackable module intended to be expandable.

The circuit consisted of nine tables with 50-55 modules in operation with 300 balls in circulation at any given time. The total number of balls passed at a single point in two days was just less of 24000! An incredible feat for this small team of 11 builders.

This is the first time in Africa a GBC this big is assembled. Up until now, we’ve only seen international teams take on the GBC challenge. We’re incredibly proud to showcase this circuit, designed by ten designers, who can undoubtedly call themselves a world-class GBC team. 

Well done, zaLUG. Your work is exceptional! We’re looking forward Brickfair to see what fantastic new modules you will bring to life.


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