Tony Graham

In this week’s episode, we meet Tony Graham. Tony shares his story of how his passion for LEGO started and can clearly remember when his Dark Ages were over, and he re-engaged with the hobby as an adult.

Tony proudly shows off a snail he built, a MOC adapted from a design by Mark Larson, who initially came up with the idea and collaborated with a group of friends, creating an incredible snail race for Brickworld Chicago 2016. Tony goes on to explain the intricacies and genius design behind the snail’s spiral shell design.

Sorting and storage is an ongoing theme here on BlockBlaze, and Tony imparts some valuable knowledge for AFOLs new to the hobby on sorting and how to categorise LEGO pieces.

Finally, Tony invites anyone serious about LEGO to join a registered LEGO User Group. He explains the enormous benefits AFOLs have as part of a bigger community and as a member of a LUG.


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