Wayne De Beer

This week you’re in for a treat! We meet one of SA’s best MOC builders, Wayne De Beer. Wayne always had a fascination for space ships and mechs and love to experiment with these topics in his MOCs.

Although Wayne had some LEGO as a kid, there were “cooler” things to do than to play with blocks.  As a prank gift, some colleagues bought Wayne two little Star Wars Micorfighter sets. He immediately built them and immediately took them apart and started creating his model. He was instantly hooked!

After the trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn came out, Wayne took a fascination in the Tallneck portrayed in the video.  He decided to recreate it with LEGO, posted some pictures on Facebook and forgot about it. A couple of weeks later, a strange message arrived in his inbox. He didn’t take much note, as he thought it was spam. With curiosity killing the cat, Wayne had another look at the message, which turned out to be the community manager from Guerrilla Games. They requested the plans from Wayne to build their own version of the Tallneck, which is now proudly displayed in their offices.

During a visit to Guerrilla Games, legendary game designer, Hideo Kojima saw the model and also asked Wayne for a set of build instructions. Not many people can boast that a MOC they created is standing on such a legend’s desk! These plans are now freely downloadable for anyone to build.

Wayne imparts some of his wisdom on how he goes about building his MOCs, taking us step by step through the process. He shows us some of his incredible designs, which only has a lifespan of about a  year, after which he breaks them down and recycles the parts for the next cool creations.

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