Yolandi Gerber

It’s our final episode for 2019! It’s been an epic 32 episode journey this year, and in this last episode, we introduce Yolandi Gerber.

Yolandi’s LEGO journey only recently started after her husband bought her a LEGO set as a gift so she can get a feel for what the hobby is all about. The gift was the Silent Mary, and it wasn’t long before the bug bit. She started collecting most of the LEGO ship collections, especially the sail ships.

With her love for the ocean, she decided to start building rich, vibrant and detailed MOCs of underwater fantasy scenes. This neatly ties in from the ships to what lies beneath the surface. She pays extreme attention to detail.

Yolandi has always had a fascination with metal music and dark humour. Her graveyard MOCs enjoys a large amount of attention at brick expos, both for the controversy as well as the fun, quirky nature of the characters. Each character is represented in its own diorama within the bigger scene, similar to the environment they were initially introduced in various movies.

Another one of Yolandi’s passions is the Halloween Brickheadz. She collects anything related to this theme and also builds a few of her own characters from time to time.

We want to thank Yolandi for sharing her story and builds with us. We want to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful festive season and a prosperous new year! BlockBlaze will be back in January for more jam-packed episodes of BLockBlaze!

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