Barry Kay

This week we welcome Barry Kay to BlockBlaze. Besides being the chairman of CapeLUG and the founder of SAFOLs, he’s also an avid collector of Brickheadz and Batman minifigures.

Barry’s emergence from the LEGO dark ages was unexpected. He wanted to find some fun subjects to shoot and decided to buy a few minifigs to photograph in natural environments. Before he knew it, he bought a second, and a third. It soon avalanched until he manages to complete all the collectable minifigure series up to that date. He’s got a complete collection, except for Mr Gold, which eludes many avid collectors.

Barry found two more passions in the LEGO universe. The first of these is the Brickheadz collectables. Again he bought one, loved building it so much that he had to buy more. After getting to grips with the techniques, he started creating his own designs, which began by bricking himself using the Go Brick Me set. He soon started bricking other characters he loves, amongst them Freddie Mercury, Ghost Rider and Bart Simpson, to name but a few.

Next, he started focussing on Batman minifigs. He started collecting all the official Batman minifigs LEGO released over the years. With the LEGO Batman movie, he realised that Batman is not limited to the traditional Batsuit and anything goes! He began dreaming up various Batman minifig Mocs, crossing him with Superman and Iron Man. 

Barry is an active member of the LEGO community, acting as the Cape Town LUG’s chairperson and he’s also the founder of SAFOLs, an online community. His SAFOLs group has earned him an rLOC status with LEGO, which means his community is recognised and supported by the brick giant.

We’re delighted to share Barry’s passions with you! Thank you for giving us these fantastic creations.




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