Joe Kirsten

Meet Joe Kirsten, one of the founding members of the zaLUG to share his story and passion for LEGO and the MOCs he builds. Joe explains how his quest to become a better MOC builder and seeking out support from other AFOLs leads to the founding of the zaLUG.

Joe shares with us the first few steps into the LUG, how they discussed the fundamental structure of the LUG, and how, within a few months, the growth lead to the LUG being granted R-LUG status by the LEGO Ambassador Network.

Stories have always been part of what makes Joe’s MOCs special. Joe delves into the first MOCs he built and how it influenced his experience as a MOC builder out of the lessons he learnt. He shares two of his latest builds, the Jurassic Park Gate, as well as the Train Station, and shares all the hidden secrets and the stories they tell with us.


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