Linda Lier

Linda Lier has a soft spot for LEGO Minifigures and has been collecting them for the last few years. In this episode, Linda shares her passion and love in all things Minifigures. 

She reveals which one of the Minifigures are the most scarce and highly sought after. Linda shows off her rare German football team collection as well as her British Olympic team collection, both of which wasn’t available in South Africa at the time. 

Storage is a big part of taking care of the various Minifig series released over the years and Linda suggests practical ways of storing them. 

Finally, Linda tells us about her passion for building MOCs and how Minifigures has inspired her to start creating vignettes and landscapes for them. To Linda, LEGO is more than just a hobby. It’s a way to unleash her creativity. Linda usually sketches and paints, but LEGO has become another medium for her and uses it as a way to express her creative ideas and inspirations.


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