Stephan Gerber

This week we meet Stephan Gerber. Stephan shares his passion for monochrome figurines with us and tells us more about his most recent MOC build.

As with most AFOLs, Stephan played with LEGO as a kid, but it was more recently that his passion returned when he started buying minifigures for his kids.

He started assembling a few monochrome minifigs, specifically the black one. After that, the bug bit, and he’s been collecting for many years now. He’s got nearly all of the colours, missing only a few.

Stephan’s wife introduced him to MOC builds. They build for the fun of it and break each of the models down to make something else after a completed display event. His most recent build was a large town hall, spreading over two baseplates big.

His other passions include collecting technic sets, especially racing cars and bikes. Stephan also collects creator sets, specifically the LEGO creator vehicles.

A huge thank you to Stephan for sharing his passion with us.

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