The Market

The Market was built by Peter Furstenberg as an entry into the South African Brickfair 2019 and won first place. It features a three-storey building with a supermarket as well as an adjacent house. This entry is packed with incredible detail around every corner and promises not to disappoint.

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The Market - Exterior

The Exterior
The shop exterior features a beautiful three-storey curved glass window giving the interior plenty of light. Each storey looks out directly over the street. The adjacent house is slightly less elaborate and has a two-storey, somewhat European feel. The shop’s 3rd storey walks onto a rooftop terrace ontop the house where minifigs can have a quiet moment to enjoy a purchased snack overlooking the city. The street is bustling with people shopping and even a tourist taking selfies. Behind the house, some kids are playing with a ball.

The Market Interior
On the bottom floor is a magazine wall, some soft drinks, umbrellas, flowers, sweets and of course the check-out point. The shop interior has a stylish modern feature wall. This motive repeats on each floor. 

The first floor features fresh produce. Here minifigs will find some raw meat, bread, vegetables as well as coffee and some baked goods. 

The 3rd floor features a toy aisle, baking aids, cleaning products and some other general items. It has a door onto the rooftop terrace overlooking the city.

The house interior
The bottom floor of the house features a quint kitchen with a few cabinets, a stove hob, kitchen sink and a kitchen table. A stylish staircase leads upstairs.

On the second floor is a bedroom with a stylish en-suite bathroom.

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