Willie van der Westhuizen

In this episode, we meet Willie van der Westhuizen, an avid Adult fan of LEGO® and an amazing medieval fantasy builder. Willie discusses where his LEGO® passion comes from and how he achieves his incredible builds.

He describes how using texture, and a variety of colour can create depth and interest in builds. A significant challenge for all fantasy builders is how to come by some parts. Here too, Willie has some advice on how to obtain large quantities of pieces that will enable you to build extensive forests and detailed terrains.

Willie introduces us to a guide written by Derfel Kadarn on how to build medieval villages. Derfel Kadarn (Luke Watkins Hutchinson) turned out to be one of Willie’s biggest inspirations in fantasy building, alongside Cesbrick (César Soares), also arguably one of the best freestyle fantasy builders in the world.

Finally, Willie leaves us with some tips and tricks around how to easily remove hard to reach pieces from builds and a straightforward way to keep your LEGO® MOCs clean.


Willie van der Westhuizen

Derfel Cadarn


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