zaLUG Clearwater Display

BlockBlaze visited the zaLUG Clearwater Display this weekend.  Many people flocked to the tables to view the builder’s latest creations and share in the fun. The event ran from 24 – 25 August 2019.

One of the main features of this year’s show was the GBC or Great Ball Contraption. There was a record number of modules used in this layout, and it’s the first time a GBC of this scale has ever assembled in Africa! You will only see a sneak peek in this episode. It’s so epic; we’re dedicating an entire upcoming episode to it shortly.

Another great feature this year was the Micropolis build, or as we call it Blockfontein. Twelve members collaborated on this incredible build, and more than 130 modules were featured, measuring 1.8m x 1.2m. Again, we will dedicate an entire episode to this astonishing build soon.

So if you couldn’t make it, sit back and enjoy the show!

Builds featured:

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